Accurate Form Data

Accurateformdata is a wordpress plugin to check E-mail and Street Address accuracy.

Allow "Open Domains" (like that accepts all emails but then bounces if the mailbox dont exists ?

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A form with just one address field (it can be multiple)
It work better with USA, Canada and UK addresses.

Why use accurateformdata verification plugin?

The main reason is to dramatically elevate the chances that the information entered by your users is true. We currently offer E'mail and Physical Address verifications (the process is on the fly).

At only $0.01 you can be confident that the E'mail or Physical address entered by your users really exists. We support Addresses from all around the world.

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Email Verification

If you send regular emails to your users and you use a service such as Aweber, Mailchimp or similar you know the importance of having real email addresses to prevent high bounce rates. Also, if you use your own servers to send the emails, you also need to secure low bounce volumes to stay in good relationship with the big email providers.
Allow "Open Domains" (like that accepts all emails but then bounces if the mailbox dont exists ?

Physical Address Verification

Often users enter dummy information in the Address field on web forms and there is no error check based on regular expressions or javascript to prevent that. With our plugin you make sure the Address really exists (anywhere in the world) and therefor you conduct your user into a more veridical process.

A form with several fields
Country (this could be a dropdown list)

A form with just one address field

All Verifications starts at $0.01
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