How It Works

Setting things up for the wordpress plugin is easy.

If you haven't installed the plugin yet you can do it by clicking here or search for "Accurate form data" in the plugins search box in the wordpres admin.

Once you have the plugin installed, just signup for a free api key in this website. Click Plans/Pricing and select your desired subscription level (a Free option is available). Important! confirm your E-mail after subscription to be able to access your Dashboard.

First enter your API key (that you obtained inside your Dashboard) into the plugin:

Then, you need to have installed one of the many wordpress contact form plugins available. One that works well with this plugin is Contact Form 7, but there are many others.

Once you have your contact form plugin installed and setup you have to decide if you want to check for the validity of emails, if so click the corresponding checkbox:

If you check the above, couple of options will appear:

Allow Open Domains ? Please read the blue text to understand the use of open domains. If you have any questions, just contact us

Next, the plugin will attempt to prevent form submission (if the Check Email Validity checkbox is checked) and will allow the form to submit anyway, nevermind if the E-mail is incorrect after X amount of errors (After how many failed E-mail verfications...). Put the number of attempts in that text box.

Possible Names for the E-mail Field.

Navigate to the web page with your contact form and click inside the email field, then right click:

This works fine for firefox and Chrome. Just right click inside the E-mail field in your form and click "Inspect Element". All we're trying to do is to know the field name for the E-mail text field.

A panel will open at the bottom of Chrome or Firefox, like the one shown below:

What we're looking for is the "name" attribute, that is the name of the field of the selected textbox. All we have to do is copy that string, in this case "id-3320" (without quotes), but in your case could be other things, such "email" or "your_email" or anything.

Then go bact to WP Accurate Form settings in WP admin and paste that into the corresponding field (Possible Names for the E-mail field?), as shown below:

Click Save! and your set (for the E-mail verification)

For the physical address verification the process is exactly the same. You can use forms with just one address field (where the user needs to enter Address, City, Zip, Country separated by "," ) or you can use a form with several fields for the address, for example Address, City, Zip, State, Country.

You need to follow the same procedure as you did with E-mail.

Set the maximum number of attempts to prevent form submission (or 0)

And then go to your form, "Inspect Element" and set the field name into the corresponding place in the settings page. You can even have several forms defined, separating each field name with ",", for example: yourAddress, form_2_address, form_3_address... and so on.

The best you can do is trying and then ask us questions if you need to.